Why Albania

How did I get here?

2006 // Decided to pursue photography
2007 // Studied media at college
2008 // Spent a summer in Honduras (photography internship)
2008 // Spent fall semester in Italy (studied photography)
2009 // Began working for myself
2010 // Went back to Honduras  // Developed an interest in humanitarian photography
2011 // Came to Albania with Global Partners as media tech

What exactly am I doing?
I’m serving as a missionary through photography, videography & love!

What exactly am I doing Europe?
I am using videography and photography to tell the stories of the people in Eastern Europe and the work that is going on.

What exactly am I doing in Albania?
I am sharing the hope that I have in Christ and his love for the people of Albania. I am also teaching creative thinking classes for kids.


One response to “Why Albania

  1. Dave Redfern

    Great to read what you are doing in Albania….my son Jacob has just joined you for his gap year with the Hutson5….I guess he will be picking your brains and expertise for his own media production. All the best….or God’s every blessing on your work in Albania.

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