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A Photo Overview // Slovenian Style

For Thanksgiving, Nicole and I took a long weekend in¬†Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a great city and I highly reccomend it to anyone traveling in Europe. It was the perfect little big city! If you don’t follow Nicole¬†or me on Twitter or our new love interest Path, you probably missed out on some of our snapshots from the weekend. So to catch you up, here’s a photo overview of what we did… Continue reading


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Video Update 26 // Adventures in Turkey

Nicole & I went to Turkey for a work conference. We had one day off where we got to go into the heart of Istanbul looking for adventure. This is a super quick recap of our time in the city. Continue reading

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Food Finds

Last week, our team here in Albania all traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for a work conference. It was an amazing week. Yet somehow our pictures had an oddly high number of food photos. So with breakfast and dinner taken care of at the hotel, what did we manage to find in Turkey the rest of the time?

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A [Wedding] Week Home

Last week, I went back to the States so I could attend my sister’s wedding. It was a busy yet amazing (and encouraging) week. Continue reading

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Roadtripping to Germany

So Thursday, Nicole, Danika, the Bishops and I left to go to Euroconference. We took a ferry across to Italy then drove up to northern Italy to spend the night then drive on through Austria and arrive in Germany on Saturday. That was the plan anyway. Continue reading


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