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Explain Me This // Fries

I was eating at a restaurant the other day, my favorite one actually. Well technically it’s only my favorite when the pizza man is there. I haven’t figured out his schedule yet. This makes it a bit risky to go because it’s a 30 minute walk one way to get to the restaurant. And really, I only go for pizza. Continue reading


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Explain Me This // Eating & Shopping

Explain me this:

When you go to a restaurant or out for coffee, you always have to call your waiter over if you need anything once they’ve delivered your food & drinks. Which is fine. Except sometimes, they don’t come out for 10 or 15 minutes. Continue reading


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Explain Me This // Time

Sometimes, in different cultures, there will be things that will just never make sense to me. So I’m going to start sharing them with you and see if you can help explain me this… Continue reading


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