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Creative Camp

Last week, Burime hosted a creative camp. So of course I was even more excited when I learned that we would be making a film!

We had almost 30 kids who were separated into 4 teams.


In the morning, we had a time of worship and games before a craft. The theme for crafts this week was superheros. We had villains (or baddies as learned they are called in England) & heros.

They made their own monsters.


And capes & masks!




At the end of each day, the kids split into 3 groups and we spent about a half hour. Each group had a part of David’s life to make into a movie. David is chosen, David & Goliath and David becomes King.

They came up with their own scripts and practiced hard all week. Then on Friday, we extended camp half an hour to make sure we had enough time to film. We still went an extra hour and a half on top of that!

It was hard because the kids had no idea how a film is put together and of course they were too excited to listen. Plus I realized I have never had to explain any film stuff in Albanian so there was lots of vocabulary I have yet to learn on that topic! So communicating was hard.

But we did it! The kids pulled through and we made it! Here is the life of David as acted by the kids at Burime. Check it out below (sorry it’s only available in Albanian!)


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The Burime Collection

I have enjoyed partnering with Burime and making videos for them. Not only are they open to any idea and encourage creativity but Albanian church resources are needed here. A lot of stuff is translated from another language to Albanian which is better than nothing but I can’t wait for the day when stuff is translated from Albanian to English because they are making such awesome things for God!

I have enjoyed being able to make videos for fun and to tell Bible stories with the kids from Burime. Below is my Burime collection of videos from over the past two years.

Burime (English)

Searching to Find (Albanian Only)

We Like Albania Because… (Albanian Only)

Who Is Jesus (English)

You can also watch these in Albanian.

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Filming at Burime

The past couple weeks I have been working on a video for Burime, the youth center I help at on Tuesdays. So since I’ve been filming, I’ve gotten to hang out there more so I thought I’d share some photos of what the kids have been up to.

Happy Month of March
and Spring Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Burime turns 2 today! Hip hip hooray! Instead of telling you how awesome Burime is, check out this video and see for yourselves!



Gezuar Ditelindjen Burime edhe 100!
[Happy Birthday Burime & 100 more!]

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Easter Highlights

This Easter was incredibly busy. Not many of our neighbors celebrate Easter since most claim Muslim faith. So it’s a great opportunity to share who Jesus is, the love he has for us and the sacrifice he made for each of us. Continue reading

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Happy Easter

As you take time to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrate his victory over death, here’s a video from last year I made with the kids from Burime to help you reflect on who Jesus is. Continue reading

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Kerkojmë Për Të Gjetur

Below is the Christmas video I made for Burime. It’s called Kerkojmë Për Të Gjetur  [Searching to Find]. Continue reading

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