Who am I?
Katie Hawkins! I’m a not so traditional missionary for Global Partners. You can find out a little more about me here or just keep reading my blog as I grow on this Albanian adventure!

Who are these people you keep talking about?
Avery: my niece also known as the cutest baby ever
Jennifer: my oldest sister and also mother of Avery
Andrew: my brother-in-law and also father of Avery
Amy: my older sister and also aunt of Avery
Mom: my mother and also grandmother of Avery
Dad: my father and also grandfather of Avery
Nicole: She is going to Albania too! I will be living with her for two years or until she can’t stand me any longer…which ever comes first.  You should check out her blog.

What and Why?
You can find that out here.

How can I help?
Be a part of my team!!

How can I be a part of your team?
GIVE: Support my ministry financially through a one time donation or a faith promise.  You can give online or if you prefer to send in a check made out to Global Partners with WM29-0076 on the memo line, you can mail it to: PO Box 50434 Indianapolis, Indiana 46250  Did I mention I am a photographer? I can take you or your family or anyone’s picture and your money will go toward my ministry!  Simple enough! You can check out my website and get in touch with me there.

PRAY: I cannot do this without your prayers.  I cannot stress that enough! You can be a prayer partner which means you will commit to pray for me and my ministry at least once a week.  You can sign up for a monthly prayer/praise letter so you can know specific ways to pray for me and also when prayers are answered! Do that here.

Follow: You can sign up for monthly email updates about this journey. You can follow the blog for weekly updates/stories/videos and I’m sure many embarrassing moments that always follow me overseas.  You can even sign up to the left for email alerts so you don’t miss anything on the blog! For daily and sometimes hourly updates on what I’m doing, you can follow me on twitter!

SHARE: Tell everyone about what I’m doing. I want to get my message out so I can connect to as many people as I can before I leave!  If you can give, pray, follow, or share with me, we can reach more people! So tweet it, Facebook it, email it, link to me on your blog or website, or just tell people about my ministry and what I’ll be doing.  I also would like to meet you and your friends to share with you in person!  So talk to your pastor or small groups.  I would love to come meet you and share the vision God has given to me.

Still have questions?
Just ask me or fill out the contact form!