The Return of Ben Ji Min

I had another Ben Ji Min sighting at camp last week. I’m going to share some pictures at the risk of looking like a stalker.

His sister was attending & the poor fellow didn’t meet the age requirement. He was 5 & the camp was for 11-14 year olds. So they wouldn’t let him in even though he came at 7:30am knocking on the door ready for camp which started at 9.

So he and his brother had to stay outside. When the camp kids were outside in the afternoon, they came over…Beni came over on his little yellow scooter in his little yellow shirt.


They really wanted to come in and get in on the fun!


But they were stuck on the outside looking in…


They wanted in because they knew what was coming…water balloons! So the boys on the balcony threw a few over the gate to hit little Ben Ji Min who shouted out, “Osama (his brother) come quick! They’re hitting me again!”

Then when his brother would look, the boys would stop throwing them as if nothing had happened. Though the wetspots and balloons on the ground were kind of obvious.


Finally, little Ben Ji Min gave up and went home on his little yellow scooter.


Next year little Ben Ji Min, next year. Camp will come again next year…


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