CEF Camp [Week 2]

Last week was the second and final week of CEF camps. We had nearly 50 kids show up to camp!


While the schedule was the same, nothing else was! The crafts were different. The movie was different. The lessons were different!

Camp again started with devotions at 9am where we discussed the same stuff as the previous week. I noticed this week, the kids didn’t buy as much food from the little snack shop for camp. Instead, they bought their snacks at the corner shop by our house and brought those to eat instead!

Jacob did an amazing job leading worship. At times, the kids were singing so loud, you couldn’t hear the music. I’m sure it’s hard to lead when you can’t be heard!

After worship, each day, someone shared their testimony – Corey, Jacob, Nicole, Alesio (the director’s son) and I were able to share our testimonies to all the kids at camp. I even heard about God changing one girl’s heart on the walk home.

Afterwards, the younger kids went upstairs for a Bible story lesson while the older teens had a discussion time geared more towards them. And boy was it geared towards them!

Monday, Irena talked about Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel. She talked about the effect sin has and how we are all born with sin. We are all born separated from God because of sin.


Tuesday, Luka talked about how we are created by God. The kids here are taught evolution in school. Luka talked about how it is crazy to think we came from monkeys. He backed it up with facts, examples and of course scripture! The kids were into it because this was something they could apply to their lives. They could all relate to it and it was an issue they came across every day at school. Luka even took questions from the kids. And there were a lot of questions!


Some seemed silly to me at first. Like the kid who asked which God created first, the chicken or the egg. But he was serious! He was really struggling with that! Luka did a great job answering all the questions…some were pretty difficult and I was glad I wasn’t the one having to answer them!

Luka made it clear that the Bible is God’s word and it is true. Everything in it is true. He told the kids not to believe what they learn in school or hear from their teachers or friends. He told them they shouldn’t even believe everything he says. They need to compare what people say to the Bible to see if people are right or not – including him!

Wednesday, Matt talked with the kids about how complex we are and how other animals are and other stuff found in nature. So complex in fact that there had to be someone to create us…as in God! Matt gave many good examples and used scripture as well.


Thursday, Allan talked about how our sinful nature is obvious and conflicts with God…especially our natural tendency to put ourselves first when God asks us to put others first. He made seven points and used scripture for each one before giving examples the kids could relate to (like everyone trampling each other as they rush to go upstairs for lunch even though there is more than enough food for everyone!)


Friday, Irena told the story about the book with no words. Each of the kids could repeat back what the colors meant. They were encouraged to tell their friends and family about it as well.


After the lessons, we had crafts, lunch, played games or went to the beach then took a sandwich, called it a day and went home!

This week was spiritually challenging for the kids. I could tell a lot of them were thinking a lot of things over this week. I noticed a few girls who on the first day sat in the back and kept to themselves but by the end of the week, they were up front during worship and asking questions and participating during discussions.

One day when we were at the beach, Luka was sitting with one of the girls who asked him a question. A few minutes later about 10 other kids had joined in on the spirit led discussion.


Friday, the kids were given a New Testament to take home. Luka challenged them with the following: Camp is going to end soon. You learned a lot about God this week and have heard a lot about him and thought a lot about him. The day after camp, will you still be thinking about him? 2 days after camp, will you still be thinking about him? A month after camp, will you still be thinking about him? Don’t stop thinking about him after camp ends.

Think about him, pray to him, live for him. Every day.

That’s what we want for these kids. I am so thankful for all the CEF staff (Luka, Irena, Ornela, Mosa & Aferdita) for all the work they put into this week to prepare & open the way for God to make it a spiritually awesome, energizing & challenging week for the kids. (This week and last week!)

Check out some of the other fun we had this week!


The kids were into all the lessons!


I saw people helping people this week!



A day at the beach is just what these two girls wanted!


Parachute game!


Don’t let the ball go out!


The kids loved it!


We had so much fun, the neighbors came out!


There were a few close calls!


Even the little ones felt the tension!


Everyone waiting and watching


Water balloon race


How many water balloons did you safely carry between your knees?


He loves camp!


Paint your hand…


to put your handprint on the sheet!


The kids loved it!


Everyone waited to have their turn


All the kids & staff put their handprint & name on the sheet.


Games at the kalceta


Matt & Allan have become close friends after demonstrating these games


Everyone had to stay on the jerseys


There was lots of hugging!


Racing around the field


Making a cross


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  1. Dave Redfern

    You all worked so hard together, God is Blessing your dedication and unity.

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