Ben Ji Min

No matter what camp you work at, there are 3 types of kids. The trouble makers, the well behaved kids & the kid that steals your heart. Ben Ji Min was the kid who stole my heart.

He is only the cutest little kid ever (next to my nieces of course).

The first day of camp, I heard everyone calling him 3 names. Ben Ji Min (Ben-ye-mean). But I never could catch all of them. But the names sounded Chinese so I thought he had a Chinese name. (There’s a rumor going around that I thought he was Chinese. That is just a rumor. I only thought he had a Chinese name. There’s a difference. A big difference!)

I found out that he was a 5 year old attending a 6-10 year old camp. They let him come because his brother and sister came. His father is German and his mother is Albanian. And I thought he had a Chinese name.

The second day of camp, I still hadn’t caught his name but he looked like Russell from Up so I called him Russell. At the beach, he came running over to me to ask if I had a stick. Random. He seemed pretty desperate to get a stick. He said they found some fish and he wanted to catch one! I guess he needed a stick to go spear fishing!

The third day of camp, I found out that he in fact does not have a Chinese name. His name is Benjamin but in Albanian you pronounce it Ben Ji Min (Ben-ye-mean). This was an embarrassing revelation for me. But I moved on. Because now, I could call him by his name!

The fourth day of camp, Ben Ji Min told me he was burnt…as in sun burnt. Only he really told me he had a tiger. They sound very similar in Albanian and the craziness of having a tiger never made me think that he actually said he had a tiger. Until he pulled a tiger costume out of his backpack. Then I realized he did say he had a tiger. A tiger suit. That he brought…on beach day!!!! We all went back to the beach…even Ben Ji Min and his tiger suit. But he didn’t go swimming that day because there were fish in the water.

The last day of camp, he brought the tiger suit back. Lucky for you I got a picture!

photo (3)

Oh Ben Ji Min, I’m going to miss you next week at camp!



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2 responses to “Ben Ji Min

  1. Lucie

    It’s ok he’s at kopeks hate with Matilda where he is called Benny but she calls him mr beanie!

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