CEF Camp [Week 1]

Last week, I helped at a kids camp for 6-10 year olds hosted by CEF [Child Evangelism Fellowship]. Nicole & I took 12 kids from our neighborhood. Almost 40 kids attended the weeklong camp.


Camp started at 9am with a devotional time followed by breakfast: byrek! Then we had worship, a Bible lesson & craft followed by lunch. Then 3 days we went to the beach after lunch and one day we played a variety of games before we played soccer. Friday we had a party after lunch (movie & games)! About 6 each evening we would take a sandwich and head home…physically tired but spiritually charged!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would like helping at this camp because I had heard the kids could be hard to manage. And with 40 of them? Eeek! I don’t usually have as much patience as I need when I’m around a lot of kids for 10 hours a day 5 days a week! But I had a great time this week! I only had to use the normal kids words…sit down, wait, listen, stop, shhh! The kids weren’t that bad and I had fun hanging out with them and watching them learn more about who God is and his desire for them to know him. The only regret I have is not helping with last year’s camp!

As usual, my favorite part of camp was the worship time! Below is my favorite song to sing with the kids because when they get to the chorus, they just belt out “Jesus you who move the mountains. You’re the one who saves!” Which is exactly what He’s doing!

The devotionals were great. Tuesday we talked about how there is only one God. Wednesday we discussed how God always answers your prayers. He has three answers: yes, no & wait. Thursday we talked about how sin entered the world and how it broke our relationship with God. Friday we discussed what happens when you confess your sins to God and how to make choices that honor God. We talked about how we need to ask forgiveness not just from God but from others that we have wronged too. Friday, I was able to share my testimony to the kids in my group.


my group (above) & another group during devotions (below)


Bible lessons during the week included Cain & Abel, the prodigal son, the book without words, the 10 lepers & Lazarus. Not only was the Gospel message clearly presented throughout the week to the kids but we also had discussions with kids about how to live for God and what that looks like in their lives.


Irena taught the lesson each day & did a great job! (above)


The kids payed attention (above)
especially when she gave them their own book with no words (below)


Friday, several kids responded asking Jesus to be their savior. A few kids even gave their testimonies. As they were leaving on the last day of camp, each child was given a children’s Bible to take home.

This week was fun and encouraging but more importantly, all the kids heard the Gospel message and learned about God.
Some began a relationship with God this week.
Some who came to camp as believers were able to grow in their relationship and understanding of God and share their faith!
But I think all took steps closer to God this week.

Check out some of the other fun we had!


Each day the kids could buy some snacks…which they did.
Money burns a hole in your pocket no matter where you live!

Some kids brought their own entertainment


Jacob did a great job leading worship
even when the kids started singing before the music started!


Craft time!_24

One of the ladies having fun helping the kids




All the kids finished these tricky boats wonderfully!


They were all proud of their crafts!


Game time at the Kalceta!


Each team had to fit on their jersey to move across the field.


This was just a fun game to watch!


Drink drink drink!!


The kids love anything that’s a competition!


Which team could wrap up Lazarus the fastest?


The kids didn’t get too crazy this week!


Of course someone has to get buried in sand at the beach!


The kids all like making drip castles!


When they were taking a [forced] break from the water,
they all played along the shore


This was my favorite…a hollow castle! Impressive!


Running into the water [finally]


Pinata balloon for the last day!
Unfortunately, the 3rd kid in line popped it!


More races


Each kid got a balloon animal on the last day.
Of course only about 10% left with theirs unpopped.


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