The End of My Term & What’s Next?

Two years ago, I began an incredible journey that led me to Albania and you graciously joined me on that journey. I have been able to travel to Macedonia, Czech Republic & Austria to create videos for the missionaries serving there in addition to those in Albania. I have also been able to serve all of the Global Partners fields in Europe through a few design projects.

I have had an amazing time learning how to live in Albania, learning the traditions, customs & language of the Albanian people and attempting to become more Albanian every day.

Because of this cultural submersion, especially with language learning, I have been able to become more involved in ministries – especially at the youth center, Burime.

I was also privileged to organize multiple competitions where kids study passages of scripture before being quizzed. To God be the Glory for the growth and commitment we have seen in the children! This even led to the creation of a Bible camp for the kids!

Between the art & Bible classes at Burime, English & Bible lessons for kids in my and Nicole’s home and the Bible competitions, it has been truly amazing to see how much God is moving and shaking things up among the kids. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for their future!

It has been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of God’s work here in Albania. I’m thankful that you have supported me and joined me in the work God is doing here. But as many incredible changes as I’ve seen God make over the past two years, this is just a small part of what God is doing.

And God is not asking me to stay.

God is asking me to go. Go to many places where he is working in ways that need to be shared and told.

God has given me a passion for photography and video. And I hear him asking me to continue to serve him through those passions.

I am so thankful to Global Partners for allowing me to serve God these past two years as media tech for Europe where I have been able to use some of those passions. I am very thankful for the lessons, opportunities & experiences they’ve provided for me.

But I still hear God telling me to think bigger. Dream bigger. Because the work God is doing is bigger.

There are many people, groups & organizations around the world that are being used by God to do big things for the kingdom of God. And I want to share their stories too!

So July 24th is my last day as a full time missionary with Global Partners.

It will be hard to leave behind the life I’ve made here.

It will be hard to leave behind the friends I’ve made here.

It will be hard to leave behind my Albanian family who has truly become my family.

But I know God is asking me to continue the mission he has given me. Though it may look different and though it might not be typical or traditional, God has given me this mission and I will pursue it with everything I have.

Thanks again for helping me follow God to Albania through your prayers, support & encouragement. Please continue to pray for me as I continue to follow God’s call in the future.



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3 responses to “The End of My Term & What’s Next?

  1. A year ago I spent a few months doing missionary work in Albania. It was indeed hard to leave. There isn’t a day I don’t think of my experience. I find comfort and peace by: a) praying for all the wonderful people I met there and b) knowing I am doing what and I am where God is calling me to be today. Though I sure do hope to return some day for a visit. God Bless! Know of my prayers as you transition out of Albania.

  2. Sarah Gross

    Continuted prayers for you and Nicole as you finish up your term.

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