Birthdays in Albania

I had an awesome birthday on Wednesday. But how did I celebrate you ask? Well let me tell you…

Nicole woke me up at midnight to let me know it was my birthday. I didn’t stay up for long. But Nicole did. When I got up, I opened my door and found lots of balloons.

photo 3

Nicole had been busy.

photo 2

She had even left a few snacks out for me

photo 1

Then she made me breakfast

photo 1

And Klesti brought up his gift…at 8am

photo 2

It was the sweetest gift:
3 pictures he colored, candies & 2 strawberries from his garden

photo 4

Then Nicole & I went out for pizza & ice cream with a friend.

photo 5

mmm ice cream!!

photo 1

She got me a New Testament in Albanian!

I also got two videos for my birthday. One of Ensi saying I love you & singing happy birthday and the other written just for me & sung by Jacob. Talk about feeling special!

photo 3

After English, Nicole,  Jacob & I went down to the volga.

photo 2

We started with coffee

photo 4

Then had dinner & dessert.

Later that evening, we came back home. My Albanian mom came for a birthday visit and gave a gift. Then I skyped with my family. It was a great birthday! Yesterday, we had a cookout to celebrate  May birthdays & Grace gave me this:

photo 5

She painted it herself!

So that’s how I celebrated my birthday. Food, friends & fun!



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5 responses to “Birthdays in Albania

  1. Wow, looks like an amazing day. Grace showed me the picture when I was at their house on Sunday. You must be feeling the love.

  2. That sounds like an awesome birthday!! ‘Little’ things add up to a BIG celebration. I think I’m going to save this and show my husband in September. It will give him ideas for my birthday.

  3. Robin

    Well Katie… I need to get on the bandwagon…and wish you a Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was fun.

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