Albanians have this amazing talent of being able to look at the sky and know if it is going to rain that day. I don’t think they’ve ever been wrong. So if you want to know the weather, don’t waste your time looking online. Go outside, find an Albanian and ask them.

The other day it had rained hard all night long. I know because it was so loud, it was hard for me to sleep through it! In the morning, it was raining pretty hard still. But the sun was shining. A really weird combination. The weather forecast said there was a high chance of rain all day.

It had just stopped raining so I headed out for work with my rain jacket on, my rain cover on my backpack and an umbrella in my hand (just in case). I made it down stairs and the grandmother looked at me as if I was crazy. She asked why I had an umbrella. It had literally stopped raining  in a down-pouring fashion only 5 minutes before I left. But apparently I was crazy for taking my rain stuff with me. She said it wasn’t going to rain any more today as if anyone could tell by a quick glance up at the sky.

She was right.

It didn’t rain any more that day.

I was the only one I saw with an umbrella or rain jacket. I really need to learn how they can read the weather so well!


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  1. Robin

    I wish our paid weathermen would get it right! She could make a lot of money being an accurate weatherwomen in Buffalo 🙂

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