Fine Line

There’s a fine line when you are complimenting vs just being nice regarding your landlady’s choice for dinner. Almost always, our landlady wants to know what we will be cooking for dinner. So of course, we return the question. She usually makes byrek, beans, soup etc. etc. And we always say something to the effect of,  “Oh that sounds nice!”

Oftentimes, she will bring us up a bowl of whatever it was so that we can try it. Usually it’s good.

But sometimes, she cooks dishes that we don’t share the same taste in. Like beans with lamb’s heart. I’ve never had it but it’s not really something I could ever see myself going out of the way to try. We always find ourselves in a tight spot here because you can’t say that it sounds horrible. But if you sound too interested, she will bring a bowl up (and wait for you to try it). It’s a fine line.

Every time a dish like this comes up in conversation, Nicole & I try to keep our answers short. Luckily, she knows we don’t really like beans that much. So she hasn’t brought any beans up with lamb’s heart!

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  1. Robin

    I will say it for you ….YUCK!

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