Use What You Have

The other day, Nicole & I were walking home from work. Everything was normal. We passed a few kids. But some of these kids were playing basketball. It was kind of random because they only had a basketball and a few yards of space between houses in the dirt street.

Then we noticed that they did have a basketball goal. They had a metal chair (the older kind with a circular seat) hanging on the side of the gate. The cushion had been taken out so just the metal frame was there leaving a perfect circle (with 4 legs) as a goal! How clever!

These kids not only took advantage of the very limited space they had in the road to play basketball but they also took advantage of an old unused chair!

It’s amazing the [creative] things you can do if you just use what you have.

Sadly, the next day, I went to take a picture but it had been taken down.

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