Dinner at God’s House

Who wouldn’t want to have dinner with God in his house? How can we get on the guest list? Meet the following qualifications:

1) Walk Straight
2) Act Right
3) Tell the Truth

So far so good?

4) Don’t hurt your friend
5) Don’t blame your neighbor
6)Despise the despicable

Are you still checking these off?

7) Keep your word, even when it costs you
8) Make an honest living
9) Never take a bribe

If we can do these things we will never get blacklisted from God’s table!

“God, who gets invited to dinner at your place? How do we get on your guest list? “Walk straight, act right, tell the truth. “Don’t hurt your friend, don’t blame your neighbor; despise the despicable. “Keep your word even when it costs you, make an honest living, never take a bribe. “You’ll never get blacklisted if you live like this.” // Psalm 14:1-5

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