Easter Highlights

This Easter was incredibly busy. Not many of our neighbors celebrate Easter since most claim Muslim faith. So it’s a great opportunity to share who Jesus is, the love he has for us and the sacrifice he made for each of us.

Wednesday, we had our kids group. But since it was a vacation day for schools, some of the older kids got to come. The Albanian who leads each week did a really great job explaining to the kids the full gospel message. All the kids paid attention the entire time and seemed to be understanding most of it.

IMG_4680Nicole & I with our kids group!

Thursday, our GP team held a Seder dinner which was a great time to reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’¬†resurrection.

Friday morning, Nicole & I went to an Easter outreach event at Burime. The kids got to compete with each other in fun games followed by the Easter story. Friday evening, we had a communion service at church.

IMG_4683The kids cheering their team on during Chubby Bunny

Saturday, we colored eggs with the kids from downstairs. They were so excited. I’m pretty sure they have been planning egg designs since the did it for the first time last year! By the end, I think each of their eggs had about 8 layers of colors on them. And only 2 eggs were dropped! (and one cup of dye…)

IMG_4686The kids were very serious about their egg decorating!

Sunday morning, Nicole & I went to the kids church service at Burime. Some of the girls did a drama & dance. 3 girls even shared their testimony. All the kids sang loud & were full of energy as we worshipped our risen savior! It was an awesome service! Nicole & I rushed back home to finish preparing an Easter brunch for some of our friends before heading off to the Easter service at church.

photo (4)The Easter “baskets” for our brunch bunch

Like I said, Easter was really busy (in a good way). I suppose you were hoping for the highlights but since pretty much everything was a highlight for me, you got to hear about everything!

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