A New Kind of Pizza

There is only one pizza place in the Kenet. Nicole and I have gotten to know the couple that owns it fairly well since we tend to drop in rather often. They lived in Italy for a while but moved back and opened the pizza shop. They were so proud to have “Italian” pizza. While it’s not the same as you’d find in Italy, it is my favorite pizza place I’ve been to in Albania so far.

A while back, they opened a coffee bar. Coffee is a big deal for people here. But not all coffee places are open to women. There are none that serve women in the Kenet. Except for the pizza place. They opened a place for women to have coffee.

Why? The wife. She told Nicole and I about how in Italy, women could go to any coffee place they wanted. So she and her husband saved money to add on the extension turned coffee shop to the pizza shop because the wife was tired of having to go to the city all the time to have coffee. Bless her! Now Nicole & I don’t have to go so far either!

Every restaurant has the same menu. I am not exaggerating. That goes for pizza places too. They all have the same pizzas. If you try to customize an order, heaven help you because they only know how to make what’s on the menu. I once tried to get a crepe with nutella instead of chocolate and after 5 minutes of explaining, I ended up with chocolate anyway.

Nicole and I went to get a pizza from our usual pizza place the other day and Nicole decided she would try and ask for half olive and half olive, pepper and onion. All the pizzas are one topping on the menu. And the combo of olive/pepper/onion doesn’t even exist on the menu. So she explained it. A few times. And we sat and waited. We weren’t sure what it would come out like.

But we had high hopes. If anyone would get it, we thought this couple would.

It came out…PERFECT!!!

The husband who made it came out to make sure it was right and we told him it was perfect. He said, ‘Oh good. Because I used to make pizzas like that in Italy. But I’ve never made one like that in Albania. Nobody’s ever asked for one.”

Oh bless this couple. Even if they don’t understand our weirdness, they get it.

Is it too early to start dreaming about all the new pizza topping combinations this opened up for us?


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