Theory & Reality

Last year, at a conference, one of the speakers talked about the importance of children’s ministry. He said if you want to get to know the parents, work with their kids. Because when parents see you are investing in their children’s future, they will trust you and be more open to you.

This made sense. In theory. Until one day, Nicole and I started teaching English.

There is a corner store that we do much of our shopping at mainly because they have quite a variety of stuff and it’s pretty convenient and close. I mean really. You can’t really beat a 30 second walk to the store.

The father of the family who runs it never said more than hello, goodbye and how much our bill was. He never once called Nicole or I by name. He referred to us as girls (which is common here).

His daughter began coming to our English class a while back. A couple weeks after she started coming, Nicole and I went to the store when the father happened to be working. So we put our groceries down for him to ring up. He said, “Hi Nicole and Katie! How are you doing today? How is my daughter doing in English class?” and “Have a good day.”

Wow. He not only knows our name, but he actually talked to us and said more than one word to us! And asked how we were doing! We were able to have a conversation with him.

So in reality, yes it’s true. Invest in kids and the parents will notice. (And talk to you!)



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2 responses to “Theory & Reality

  1. Great post. I have to believe that there are so many people in the community there who are watching you. I know what they see is joy, peace, kindness, and a love for life that only comes from Jesus. Keep up the good work of loving those kids and that whole community.

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