Kids of the Future

A couple weeks ago, at Burime, we held our first practice ever for the Bible bowl. After seeing the other kids in previous competitions, Lucie and I felt like our language wasn’t strong enough to lead a team. My Albanian language teacher, however…

So we recruited her. She loved the idea and was super excited to be able to help the kids learn. So at that first practice, I just listened and was there in case she needed help explaining the rules of the competition or something. Because she did everything else!

She is amazing.

She kept the kids on topic and went verse by verse through Colossians chapter 1. She explained things she knew they wouldn’t understand. Things I would have assumed they knew because I often forget these kids didn’t grow up learning the basics like many people in America.

She basically gave a full gospel presentation during that first practice. Whether it was through the the passage or questions the kids asked along the way, she explained the trinity, who Jesus is and why he came and God’s plan to fix our relationship with him once and for all. It was incredible to watch.

And the examples she used mean so much more coming from her. I mean I have heard about the corruption in schools but I’ve never experienced it first hand. But she has. She has grown up with the same problems these kids face and so it means something coming from her that it will never mean coming from me, a foreigner. Not to mention she language is not an issue for her because Albanian is her first language!

The kids paid attention the whole time and as I sat listening and watching her and the kids, I couldn’t help but be excited for the future. Afterwards, Lucie asked where she had learned so much about the Bible. She said she grew up in church and learned it there.

Not many Albanians have grown up or are growing up in church now. So when she said that, I couldn’t help but think about all the kids we are working with and sharing God’s truth with here in the Kenet. In 10 or so years, they will be like my language teacher and have that foundational knowledge of Christ. I can’t help but get excited when I think of how these kids we work with today will be teaching other kids in the future.

I can’t wait to see where these kids are in 10 years because I know God has big plans for them and I believe he is going to use them to build his church here!


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