One Smart Candy err Cookie

Ensi is 4 years old. He’s basically a rock star.


He lives in the front house. He likes to come visit. Often. Sometimes, when he visits a little too often and we need to get work done and he doesn’t want to leave, we may or may not offer him a bribe in the form of candy. We usually give him one to take to his brother so he actually has to leave.

We found ourselves in this situation the other day so I offered him a piece of candy. He took one for his brother. Then asked for one for his mother. How sweet! Nicole & I are rubbing off on him. I reminded him not to eat them on the way out (just in case we weren’t).

Later we saw him through our window sitting on our second floor balcony.


He was hiding. From his family. So that he could eat all the candy himself. He was trying to eat them as fast as his little hands could unwrap the candies and get them in his mouth. Then he stood up. Peeked over the balcony to see if anyone was watching. Then sat back down to eat unwrap and eat some more.


If only he knew Nicole and I were watching the whole time. But his secret’s safe with us [and you]. He is seriously one of the smartest kids I have ever met!


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