Summer Day

Yesterday was Dita e Veras (Summer day). The kids got a day off school and we were excited to go out with some friends. Our plans changed however…

The first day of summer was cold and rainy! How sad! Someone forgot to tell the weather it’s supposed to be warm and sunny on Summer Day!

photo 1

Needless to say, Nicole & I were a bit disappointed because the day trip we were going to take with our friends got rained out. No use going somewhere for an outdoor fest and a picnic when it’s raining!

At 9am however, we heard a knock knock knock on our door. It’s usually one of the kids wanting to play. So I opened the door and was surprised to see the daughter that lives downstairs with a plate of goodies.

The tradition for summer day is to make┬áballakume cookies. Something Nicole and I have not tried yet. They are cookies made with ash (like from a fire). It’s also the day when boiled eggs are delivered along with the cookies. Fruit and candy are also added if they are available. So it’s kind of like Easter and Halloween mixed.

This year, the daughter (13) made the regular ballakume cookies, ballakume cookies with almonds and (after finding a recipe online) ballakume cookies with orange. The orange ones were my favorite. I was also happy to see that she tried a recipe she found online (something they don’t do often here!)

About 9:30, the grandmother of the front house came up to deliver a plate. In addition to the cookies, fruit and candy, she had two eggs that had been colored with a crayon. I asked who decorated them assuming it would be her 7 year old grandson who loves to color. But it was her daughter (who’s a little older than me)! That made me happy too!

photo 2

Between finding and trying recipes online and decorating eggs (like we do for Easter), I believe Nicole and I are rubbing off on the family a bit! It’s exciting to see their creativity growing too…even in the kitchen!

Then my language teacher’s mom cooked some food that Nicole and I ate with my language teacher who brought it over to share and celebrate with us.

photo 4

It was delicious as usual.

photo 3

Qofte (made with meat, bread crumbs, onions, eggs and some spices), my favorite: potato goodness (loose translation) and Nicole’s favorite fried peppers!

Our plans didn’t turn out how we had hoped. But we did have a pretty good summer day even though the rain put a damper on our original plans.

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  1. wayne

    Hi Katie dad happy u are doing well love dad

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