Cat Eyes

When I first got here, one of the girls I met told me I had beautiful cat eyes. I took it as a compliment though I wasn’t 100% sure. I mean cat eyes are kinda creepy and I was really hoping she wasn’t telling me I had beautiful creepy cat eyes. Because that would be really awkward.

So I just said thanks and went on with my life.

I never really thought about it after that except when Nicole and I would make a joke about it every once in a while. She would say something about my cat eyes.

Then for Galentines Day, Nicole and I made valentines with our language teacher. Nicole had drawn a cat and had written “You’re purrrr-fect.” We asked her if she understood it. She thought it was for someone with cat eyes.

Nicole and I immediately thought of that (questionable) compliment we heard. So of course we asked what she meant. She said if someone has cat eyes that means they have really different or really pretty eyes.

So Nicole and I both have cat eyes she said because we have blue eyes. According to her anyone who doesn’t have brown eyes here have cat eyes because most everyone has brown eyes.

Ohhh. That makes sense. Though I don’t think cats have pretty eyes. Just different (and creepy).

But either way, I can finally sleep at night knowing that almost 2 years ago, when I was told I had cat eyes, it was in fact a compliment. What a relief!


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