Explain Me This // Fries

I was eating at a restaurant the other day, my favorite one actually. Well technically it’s only my favorite when the pizza man is there. I haven’t figured out his schedule yet. This makes it a bit risky to go because it’s a 30 minute walk one way to get to the restaurant. And really, I only go for pizza.

But at any rate, I found myself at this restaurant and ordered a pizza. But alas! The pizza man had the day off. (I’m beginning to think he only works during tourist season.)

As usual, there are only 2-4 other patrons in the restaurant over the course of time we spent there. So my friends and I start to notice a lot of random things when there aren’t many people to look at.

We were getting a little antsy waiting for our food because we were all hungry. Nicole was facing the kitchen where they put the food on the ledge for the waiters to deliver.

I ordered fries. She saw my fries on the ledge. I get excited! Then the waiter comes to the ledge. And eats one. Then another. and another. He ate at least 5 fries off my plate!!!

Then he picked it up to deliver it. Luckily I was wrong because he took the fries to the only other occupied table at the time. Thank goodness he wasn’t eating off my plate!

However, I did feel a bit foolish for worrying about him eating a few fries when I had more than a few left over.

Wait! What am I saying? Waiters shouldn’t be eating off undelivered plates in the first place. Right?!? Or is that why you can’t see food waiting to be delivered at restaurants in the States. So you don’t see the waiters snacking on your food…

I don’t know what’s normal anymore! Explain me this.


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