I’m afraid that every Wednesday will be about the same thing. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. It will probably be my new favorite day of the week. Well at least favorite morning of the week. Because we have kids club. I know it’s only the second week, but I know that God meets with us each week.

I can feel him there with us. I can see him working in the kids as I look at the amazement and intrigue on their faces. I can almost sense God’s excitement as the kids are on the edge of their seat hanging on every word.

Wednesdays, thanks to CEF and these kids, will be the most encouraging day of the week. So let me share some of that encouragement with you.

We had the four same kids today. They said they invited a couple friends but they couldn’t come or they had to ask their parents. But they did invite more kids to come!

Also, these four kids came running up the stairs. Early. They couldn’t wait downstairs any more. They came in and sat down and were ready to go as soon as the teacher arrived! (I would love to see that excitement at church! Any church!)

One of the boys that lives with us asked Nicole the other day why we don’t read the Bible during the lesson (the lady has pictures from Bible stories she shows as she talks about them). Nicole said to ask the teacher. So he did. He asked, “Are we going to read the Bible today? I have so much fun when I read the Bible with Nicole and Katie. Especially about Sampson. I love Sampson. He was really strong. Did you know he was really strong.” And then he went on to recap the story of Sampson. This boy is 7.

Last week, we sang a song about how God is big, strong and powerful and nothing is impossible for him. All the kids said they had sung the song at their homes throughout the week. One of the boys even said he sang it with his grandfather. He might have said he got his grandfather to sing it with him. But I’m not sure on that one…But either way, the kids’ families are hearing about how God is big, strong and powerful. Oh and nothing is impossible for him!

The teacher asked if any of the kids wanted to pray. One of the girls said she knew a prayer. So the teacher prayed and then the girl was to say a prayer after. But she didn’t. She said it was a song and she didn’t want to sing it. So the teacher explained that you don’t say the same prayer over and over. You tell God what is on your heart. You could even thank him for different things. So the girl prayed the first prayer not from memorization I’m sure and thanked God for the good weather and school and a couple other things I didn’t quite catch. She’s also 7.

After the lesson when the kids were coloring, the teacher was talking to me about finishing up my term this summer. She said not to worry about all the work that has been started through Nicole and me because God will continue to work in those areas. And just because we leave, doesn’t mean that we will stop praying for Albania. She reminded us that God will continue to work through our prayers no matter where we are. That was super encouraging for me to hear.

I told her that Nicole and I have many friends who are praying for Albania too and the work that is going on here. (I wanted to be an encouragement to her too!)

We also sang the song “I’ve got peace like a river.” I was excited because I knew this one. And when we got to I’ve got joy like a fountain, I looked over at the kids, with huge grins on their faces as they sang and did the motions with the song. I couldn’t help but have joy like a fountain too!

Even though the kids may not fully understand all the lessons or all the songs or everything about God, I know that some of this is sinking deep into their hearts and I know that one day, God will bring all these pieces together so that the kids will understand who God is and their need for him. Even if it’s not today, even if it’s not tomorrow, I know that God wants these kids to know him just as much as I do. And in his timing I believe he will help them do just that.

And in the mean time I’ll keep singing

My God is big, strong & powerful. And [nothing] is impossible for him.


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