Excited for Excitement

Today, Nicole & I started a Kids Club run by CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). We were excited because an Albanian leads it. It’s a true blessing because as much as our hearts want to share about God, the language still isn’t always there. So we are excited to see where God takes this meeting.

When we handed out the invitations last week, the kids were so excited. It’s in the morning which means just the younger kids can go. Usually, our stuff is in the afternoons so the younger kids were super excited that we finally had something for they could attend. We were excited to see how excited they were!

Then for various reasons, we hadn’t seen all the kids to remind them. We didn’t catch up with the other kids we knew to invite them. We weren’t sure if any of the kids would remember. And then it started raining. Hard. The skies were black and the rain came down. We thought for sure the kids wouldn’t come in that kind of storm!

Then 20 minutes before the club was going to start, the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and the sky turned blue with the sun shining like it hadn’t rained in months!! What were we worried about the weather for?

As far as no kids showing up…well we worried for nothing for that too. One of the girls thought it started an hour early and had been hanging out with the kids downstairs for the past hour…just to make sure. So needless to say, they didn’t forget about it!

We had 4 kids show up. Nicole and I were happy with that for the first day. Because one of them, we hadn’t seen before. The lady who runs the program asked each of the kids if they had friends who didn’t have school who could come. They all named several. So Nicole and I have high hopes for next week!

The lady did a great job interacting with the kids and teaching them the lesson. I was super impressed and the kids were on the edge of their seats the whole time listening. So I knew they loved it!

It was great to see the kids so excited to answer questions and to learn about God. And I have to admit, I’m just as excited as them when I think about how God can use these kids in the future. And I know God has even greater plans for them than I can imagine!


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