One of the Albanian New Year’s traditions is to make baklava to serve when people make their New Year’s visits. Baklava is not one of my favorite desserts here. It could be because of what happened last year. But at any rate, everyone here loves baklava and they only make it for the New Year.

Baklava is very time consuming to make by hand. You have to roll out super thin layers of dough individually. Not to mention the time it makes to make the dough, roll the layers together, and then cook it.  My landlady used around 50 layers in hers. I’ve heard of some women rolling out over 100 layers!!

My landlady rolls this dough out all the time for work because it’s the same dough you make byrek with. She never lets Nicole or I help because we are way too slow.

But she let me help roll out her baklava. I was excited to help. I rolled out around 8 layers while, during the same period of time, she rolled out around 50. That is not an exaggeration. She brought some up for me to try since I made it. So she said. I’m pretty sure I just helped.

IMG_7011(the baklava I helped make!)


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  1. Robin

    yummy …make sure Nicki knows how to make this before she comes home!

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