Fireworks, Albania & 2013

New Year is a big deal in Albania. It’s pretty much the only day where stores will close and everyone takes a day off. Which is why starting at the beginning of December, everyone starts buying and selling fireworks.

This is what we’ve heard day and night since the beginning of December…

This is the only time of year I’m afraid of small boys. They like to throw little firecrackers and noisemakers your way. Unfortunately I only encourage them when I jump every. single. time.

But at midnight, everyone goes up on their roof and shoot off their fireworks. It can be quite loud but it’s the most beautiful firework display I have ever seen. This is what I saw from my roof (but it’s much better in person).

And yes. Nicole and I even shot off some of our own fireworks (something I’d never done until celebrating New Year’s in Albania).

firework(Nicole got a picture for proof…that’s me!!)

You can check out Nicole’s take on the fireworks too!

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