What’s So Funny

Oh language stories. I will always have them. But are they really THAT funny?

The other day, one of the ladies downstairs came up to help Nicole & I knit. It was cold in our house so Nicole made tea for us. She asked me what kind of tea it was. I answered fish. I meant peach. Fish is peshk and peach is pjeshke. There is only one sound that is different. Apparently, Nicole & I eat crazy enough food as foreigners that this lady thought we would serve fish tea.

After I corrected myself, she enjoyed the tea.

Then a few days later, Nicole was trying to give our plastic bottles away to this same lady. Instead of saying bottles, she said dumpsters instead. This was so funny that the lady laughed out loud for 10 minutes before she could even say anything (according to Nicole anyway).

Later that day, this lady tried to tell me the story but couldn’t even get it out because she was laughing just thinking about Nicole trying to give away dumpsters.

But I mean seriously, what’s so funny? Trying to give out dumpsters and fish tea. That’s what’s funny.


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