A Photo Overview // Slovenian Style

For Thanksgiving, Nicole and I took a long weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a great city and I highly reccomend it to anyone traveling in Europe. It was the perfect little big city! If you don’t follow Nicole or me on Twitter or our new love interest Path, you probably missed out on some of our snapshots from the weekend. So to catch you up, here’s a photo overview of what we did…

We rented an apartment because it’s cheaper than hotels. Plus you get to cook your own food to save even more money! But we had a hard time getting internet. We had to have the window open…


We went out. After dark. We weren’t used to that.
We didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

We found a McDonald’s…which was our Thanksgiving dinner!_03

Nicole loves sushi so when we saw a sushi restaurant, we stopped in for lunch.
It was my first taste of sushi. It wasn’t bad.
But I think I’ll stick to being a social sushi eater!_04

My first Slovenian cappuccino and Nicole’s first Slovenian hot chocolate.
Cappuccinos are better in Albania.
The hot chocolate was European hot chocolate
aka hot chocolate pudding…


We found some tortilla chips, nacho cheese and hot sauce
(none of which we have in the Kenet) and had ourselves a good dinner!

The best thing we found was REAL BACON!
Which we had for breakfast!

Along with toast! And good yogurt! A real treat for us.

We went on a free 2 hour walking tour around the city.
3 hours later it finished…_09

Nicole found a restaurant where you can have a 5 course lunch for 10 Euros.
The first course was something with Salmon. (We don’t eat fish)

Then we had salad followed by vegetable soup.
I think it was basically spinach soup._11

Then we had pork with bacon and rice on the side.
It was delicious! But at this point, we were pretty full.


Then for dessert we had panna cotta which was really good.
But we realized we don’t really like fancy food all that much._13

We went to the Ljubjana castle to watch the sunset and had another coffee._14

It was really pretty._15

We found a fresh pineapple so Nicole cut it up one morning for breakfast!_16

We took a day trip out to Lake Bled.
We hung out at another castle like it was no big deal…_17Then we had their famous pastry which was really good!_18Instead of trying another fancy restaurant with fancy food,
we just went to Mcdonald’s for our last dinner._19

Since we had an afternoon flight,
we went out one more time to enjoy the sights of Ljubjana.

But then we had to pack up and head out…

It’s always a sad day when any vacation ends…_22

Then we had to wait for our ride at the Tirana airport for a while…_23

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