Travel Excitements

After living in Albania, the things that excite me when I travel have slightly changed. After taking a long weekend away for Thanksgiving, I kept in mind a few of my favorite things to share.

–I look forward to brushing my teeth with tap water. It is SO nice!
–I look forward to water pressure and feeling squeaky clean after a shower!

Inside Places:
–It feels so nice to be able to walk around an apartment/hotel/wherever in socks without shoes because it’s actually warm inside!
–Oh and I can wear just a tshirt! I don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothes!

–There are different restaurants with different menus with different atmospheres and decor.
–There are different foods and even brands in grocery stores.
–All the stores do not sell the same things! And if they sell similar things, they aren’t always side by side.

The thing I enjoy the most though is being able to go out at night and see other people who are out too. Out doing things.  Out having fun. It’s especially nice to see women working everywhere too. People appear to be so much more hopeful and happy to be living life (perhaps because life seems to come so much easier in other parts of Europe).


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