Explain Me This // Eating & Shopping

Explain me this:

When you go to a restaurant or out for coffee, you always have to call your waiter over if you need anything once they’ve delivered your food & drinks. Which is fine. Except sometimes, they don’t come out for 10 or 15 minutes. It seems the more you need them, the less you see them. So you wait and wait and wait. If you get really desperate, you can stand up. Usually they will come within a minute or two.

When you go into a store, there are shop assistants. Who follow you around. They literally stand right behind you. They never say anything. They just stand there. It’s super awkward. You walk away and they take some magical route and pop out of nowhere right behind you again. It’s really creepy. Oftentimes, I don’t buy stuff just because I can’t stand to be in the stores any more and want to leave.

It makes more sense to my American mind to have the server hovering around me and than a shop assistant when I’m trying to look around and think.



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3 responses to “Explain Me This // Eating & Shopping

  1. So true…so true. Can we apply that to our evangelistic efforts? Do we scare people away from the Gospel by hovering? Or do we miss our opportunity by neglecting their “hunger and thirst’? As one former pastor used to say, “That’ll preach!”

  2. Sarah

    I so understand. It’s the same here in small stores :). And, that’s an interesting evangelism point!

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