The Second Time Around

Last year, I asked Lenca to help me learn how to knit a sock. I mainly did it not necessarily because I was super interested but because it was a way I could spend time with her and get to know her better. But I took too long and they needed their needles back so she finished my socks for me (in a day).

It was a disaster. I mean I could do it (she taught me probably the most basic stitch) but I didn’t like it. I didn’t have fun doing it.

So why in the world would I try again?

For the same reason. It’s a good excuse to spend some casual time with her. But something is different this time. I actually enjoy it. I knitted for 3 weeks last time before they had to finish it. I’ve worked on my sock for two days this time and have already completed more than the first time around. And it’s with 2 different stitches!

So what’s different?

Maybe it’s because I somewhat knew what I was doing. Maybe it’s because I could actually understand most of her directions this time around. Maybe it’s because my fingers don’t hurt. Maybe its because I can do more than 5 stitches before I can’t focus any more.

Whatever the reason, the second time around has been a much more pleasant experience. Who knows. Maybe something you’ve put off or stopped will be better the second time around too!

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