Mud Be Gone

Change has come yet again to the Kenet. This time to our street specifically. The impact? Oh it will open many many more possibilities!

Our road consisted of mud, mud and more mud during the winter. This reason I bought rainboots was because of our road. When you sink down in the mud, it kind of limits what kind of shoes you can wear, even though the main paved road is only meters away!

But now, we have GRAVEL!!! Our road is no longer muddy!

Do you know what this means? Do you know the many possibilities this mudless road allows?!? I’m not limited to just my rainboots! I can wear whatever shoes I want. All winter long! Unless of course I’m going on a visit, going to Burime or really , going anywhere else in the Kenet. But still.

Mud on our road is no longer an issue. Life is great!!

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One response to “Mud Be Gone

  1. Don Schara

    Hallelujah! Props to Ken for spearheading the project. Wish I was there to walk it.

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