The City Life

Cities attract all kinds of people. But horses?!? Yep. Durres is a great place to spend the day if you’re a horse looking for adventure!

A couple things to notice in this picture.

1) That dumpster is the perfect height for that horse! What are the odds?!?

2) The brown horse is looking one if not both ways before he crosses the street. He was raised well!

3) The car is driving by like it’s no big deal. Probably because it’s not. You see sheep, cows, horses, etc on major highways (not just in the city). Wait. You mean you never see a couple of horses just hanging out in the road in your city?

What else sticks out?



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2 responses to “The City Life

  1. …the police man standing at the end of the road doing absolutely nothing. 😉

  2. Robin

    The grey horse matches the dumpster

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