Work Retreat

Last week, our team went to Tirana for a few days to refresh and reflect on the work God has called us to do in the Kenet before fall & winter schedules change things up! We stayed Monday through Wednesday. It was a great time because the Hutsons joined us with their two new team members as well. There were 20 of us from the youngest to the oldest.

We all arrived by 5pm Wednesday where we had a short session followed by dinner and then games!

Nicole & I were in charge of game night. We decided to do a scavenger hunt. The hotel was within walking distance of an enormous mall. So we had a few clues for them to figure out at the hotel so Nicole & I would have time to walk over to the mall where we would give out the next set and make sure everyone followed the rules.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I know Nicole & I had fun planning it!

Tuesday we were booked in the morning and evening but we had the afternoon off. So I took some long overdue photos of the Hutson kids and went swimming in the indoor pool. They had a diving board and a small waterslide. I haven’t seen a diving board in a long time!

Tuesday night, Nicole & I did our shopping at Teg (the mall) since they have a variety of foods we can’t get in the Kenet. The most important being Hellmann’s mayonaise for our Ranch dressing we make! We once discovered that if you don’t get the right mayonnaise you can ruin an entire batch of Ranch so now we stick to the good stuff!

Wednesday morning, we had one last time together before heading out by car & bus. By Wednesday afternoon, everyone had made it back home safe and sound!

The view from our hotel room’s balcony.

A sunrise was peeking over the mountain top.

It was beautiful.
And you can even see Teg in the center just to modernize things a bit…

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