Tiranafest & Music

Like I mentioned before, Tiranafest was great! The two bands I enjoyed most (maybe because they sang in English?) were Abandon Kansas & LZ7 (pronounced L Zed 7 because in British English you pronounce Z as Zed). Abandon Kansas went Saturday night while LZ7 went on Sunday night.

Both groups were entertainers. The first was a rock group while the second was a dance group. They both got the crowds going.

I went to see Abandon Kansas but ended up loving LZ7. I think because they reminded me a lot of Family Force 5 but without the guitars, the crowd surfing and of course, the Family Force 5000!

I thought there would be loads of people there, which there were, but not as many as I expected. I ended up watching the bands a lot closer than I thought I would. On Saturday night I didn’t take my camera because I didn’t plan on being that close. So Sunday, I of course took my camera but as luck would have it, I didn’t make it to the front that time.

This is the first concert in a long time where I didn’t take photos. Live bands & music are my favorite things to photograph. So not having my camera was definitely weird and it was really strange to be able to listen and watch the whole time.

I did have my GoPro though which I used while I was people watching. I also snapped a few clips of Abandon Kansas.

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