Wine & Water

Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. But how does that story relate today? Read John 2:1-12 and then keep reading [here] to find out…

There are 5 main people in this story. Let’s look at each of them and their role in the story.

Mary: She was Jesus’ mother. She saw a problem (they were out of wine) and knew Jesus could fix it. So she encouraged him. Or pushed him on. She told Jesus about the problem. Jesus replied that it wasn’t time yet. Mary totally ignored him and told the servants to do whatever Jesus said (vs. 3-5).

Jesus: He was the miracle maker. He turned some water into wine. He gave instructions and the miracle came through him. (v 7-9)

The Servants: They obeyed Jesus and were able to take part in the miracle. They experienced and participated in the miracle from behind the scenes yet the scriptures don’t say anything about them growing in their faith. (v 8-9)

The Master of the BanquetHe experienced the miracle but he had no idea he was experiencing a miracle. He was oblivious and just thought he was drinking really good wine. (v 9-10)

The Disciples: They knew of this miracle and they had faith. (v 11)

Think about the last time you were involved in one of God’s miracles. Who were you most like?
Mary – who had to encourage someone else to be used by God for the miracle?
Jesus – through whom the miracle was performed?
The Servants – who participated & helped with the miracle but did not grow in their faith?
The Master of the Banquet – who experienced the miracle first hand yet was unaware that he was experiencing a miracle?
The Disciples – who recognized the miracle & grew in their faith because of it?

Keep your heart willing & eyes open to be ready so you don’t miss the role God wants you to play in his next miracle.


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