A Birthday For Four

Monday night was Ensi’s birthday. He turned four. After having been to several kid’s birthday parties now, Nicole and I thought we had the party scene down.


The other parties started around 9 or 10. Ensi is usually up this late or later so we figured it would be the same for him. (Albanians like to eat a late dinner then go to bed right away on a full stomach).

Nicole & I were going to run out to the store really quick before the party started (It was about 6). You can imagine our surprise when Klesti (the older brother) came running to tell us the party already started and we were late.

We ran to the store really quick. We were literally gone for 5 minutes or less and everyone had already left. We missed the party!

Even though Ensi is up late every night, they still have parties for the younger ones earlier. So Nicole and I made a late appearance and took Ensi his gift: a spiderman figurine (his favorite superhero) and an Albanian book (he loves to read!). We were partying with Ensi, his mom, aunt and grandmother for about an hour. Ensi was taking advantage of being the center of attention (and we weren’t complaining).

He played with Spiderman the whole time.

He would gezuar as long as he had something in his glass to drink (usually the adults gezuar or cheer).

Nicole asked how old he was and he held up four fingers (after watching his mom do it and then thinking about what she just did).

Whenever you would say happy birthday, he always replied with another happy birthday.

The whole time Nicole & I were with him, Ensi had an insane amount of excitement, energy, and flow of words coming out of his mouth. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and assume he at least┬átripled┬áhis usual level of sugar intake for the day.

He was one happy little boy and even though we were late, I’m glad Nicole & I got to share his big day with him!


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