Conference Highlights Twitterized

I love twitter. Why? Because everything is short and to the point. Just the way I like it. I don’t like it when people ramble or use lots of words when just a few will do. [side note: you should follow me on twitter: @kr_hawkins)

So I thought I would give you the twitterized highlights of what I learned from the seminars:

[In reference to contextualizing in different cultures] To be one of them [the nationals] without being like them requires you to understand the times, context, people and cultural shortfalls.

Don’t have a critical spirit, have a critical eye.

Listen then model then teach then empower then leave.

Always think with the end in mind.

[In reference to language learning] Don’t worry about making mistakes. Focus on being understood.

Language is more than about just knowing. It’s about doing it without thinking.

To get the best from God, you have to give your best.

I want to be answered but God may not answer me how I want or when I want.

God is always speaking but we aren’t always listening.

If we don’t pay the price of discipline, it’s not going to happen.

Give your best time to God the first time around.


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