Food Finds

Last week, our team here in Albania all traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for a work conference. It was an amazing week. Yet somehow our pictures had an oddly high number of food photos. So with breakfast and dinner taken care of at the hotel, what did we manage to find in Turkey the rest of the time?

Airplane food! It was actually good.
Turkish Airlines served Turkey sandwiches on our way to Turkey!

There was a Burger King across the street from our hotel.
We may have gone there a couple times…

Nicole & I had lunch by the hotel pool.
We also made it into a famous Turkish soap opera.
We are basically international TV stars now.
It’s no big deal.

We always look for a Starbucks.

It’s almost like you’re back in the States!

We don’t mind paying a little more for Starbucks when we eat lunches like this!

How could we NOT try Turkish coffee in Turkey?

We ventured over to a huge mall where we found an Arby’s!
But they didn’t have any Arby’s sauce. Or fried chicken…

Our last food was in the airport.
2 bags of chips  + 1 Kit Kat = $9
I thought the bag would at least be more than half full!!


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