Girl’s Bible Study

Nicole and I have been leading a weekly Bible study for 4 weeks now. We have 2 girls who have been every time. We usually have 3-5 girls and for this we are super excited!!

We meet each Wednesday at 6:30pm here (12:30pm EST).

The first week we talked about love. What love is and why it is important.
The second week we talked about who we are in Christ and how we see ourselves.
The third week we talked about our families & family relations and how we need to obey our parents.
The fourth week we talked about the goals we want to set vs the goals God wants us to set for ourselves.

We are about halfway done with the study and we are excited to see how God uses these girls. Below are some pictures from the past couple of sessions.

We try to make the study interactive
so the girls aren’t just reading from the Bible and talking.
They like to make things related to the lessons!

Nicole’s page from her notebook on love

The girls are working hard

Ida finished her family
& wrote what she liked about each person.

I made my family too!


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