2012 Olympic Games in Durres, Albania

Last Friday, we hosted the first ever Olympics in Durres, Albania for our teen group. It was really exciting. Four countries participated: Italy, England, Canada & Brasil! (They drew flags out of a hat to decide what team they were on)

Nicole had been working really hard the past couple weeks to organize everything. I got to be a ref which was super fun for me! I got to keep everyone in line! I only disqualified 1 team from a round.

Nicole had lots of team and individual games planned. The teens seemed to really enjoy it. Nicole even made medals for them. I had the honor of creating the Olympic torch.

In the end, we had a tie for first place. So to break the tie, we had one person from each team say the alphabet backwards. No one could.

We later learned from one of our friends, that people don’t know the order of the alphabet because all their letters are phonetic. So the name of the letter is also the sound. They don’t really need to know all the letters in order because the names are the sounds. Whoops!!!

We had a basketball shootout instead. So the results were:
Bronze: Brasil
Silver: England
Gold: Italy

Below are some pictures from Friday night, including a few of the games.

I carry the torch I made for the Olympics!

The Torch!

The scoreboard with the torch above

The teams are ready to compete!

Mummy Games

Each team had to wrap a member of its team in toilet paper

In the end, they would look like…a mummy!

In another game, teams had to carry water in a cup on their heads

Some went fast. Some went slow but steady.

The Scoreboard with three games to go!

Teams also had to throw frisbees into targets

Everyone was cheering for their team!

At the end of the night, everyone was pretty tired but it was totally worth it. The kids had fun and I most definitely did!


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