A [Wedding] Week Home

Last week, I went back to the States so I could attend my sister’s wedding. It was a busy yet amazing (and encouraging) week. I arrived Saturday evening and Sunday, I spoke at my church about the past year in Albania. It was really great. There were many people from different churches who have been supporting me over the year. It was an incredibly encouraging night.

Monday, I had a wisdom tooth that was giving me trouble pulled. In the afternoon, I dodged rainstorms with my sister as I took some updated photos of her and Derrek and then later her bridal portraits. We finally got them done after sitting in the car for well over 45 minutes with her in her wedding dress. Then my other sister and sweet niece came up.

Tuesday, I did just a little shopping with my mom, sisters, and niece. My niece, Avery, is two and such a girly girl. She refused to go to the toy section. She preferred the women’s shirts or “pretty dresses” as she called them and the children’s clothing section. I don’t know where she gets it from!

Wednesday, my stomach definitely let me know it was not used to eating food in America and I started to feel it. By Thursday, it was painful so my mom gave me medicine. My allergies had also been acting up all week and were getting pretty bad bringing a sore throat along with it.

Friday morning, I went to the bridal luncheon then headed to the doctor (Mama’s orders) and then the rehearsal that afternoon. The rehearsal dinner was Clemson themed so of course that was a hit (except with the Carolina fans…)

Saturday was the wedding and it was perfect. Amy was gorgeous and Avery threw flowers out like a professional. The reception was great because I got to catch up with a lot of friends and family. Then Sunday, I left.

The whole week was super encouraging and much needed. I am thankful I got to go home, see my friends and family and get to see my sister get married. Below are some of the pictures from the week.

Went to the Splash Pad

The kids got just a little wet!

Avery helped “paint” the sauce on. Until she tasted it. Then she just ate it.

The Ladies (Grandma, Mom, Amy, Mrs. Pulley)

Me & My Sisters

The Hawkins Girls (Me, Jennifer, Avery, Amy, Mom)

Great Grandma with Great Granddaughter

Clemson Cake from the rehearsal dinner

Avery driving the golfcart!

Derrek & Amy at the rehearsal dinner
with my favorite part about being home…
the mountains!

Amy & Derrek aka my sister and [new] brother!

Here is the bridal party.
Kerri Ledford took the photos.
Even though I’ve only seen a few, I know they will all be absolutely amazing!
You should check out more of her work at www.kerripuckett.com


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