Albanian Weddings

Tomorrow’s my sister’s wedding! I am super excited. Though I’ve never been to an Albanian wedding, I do know that they are very different from weddings in the States. So I thought I’d share a few quick facts I’ve heard about wedding in Albania.

1) The wedding lasts for a week.

2) They have lots of dancing into early mornings. Sometimes, the dancing outlasts the night. During wedding season, you can hear the wedding music all night long. I love falling asleep to it!.

3) There’s no actual ceremony. They have a series of parties each night of the week and the last one is when the bride and groom’s families come together.

4) There is lots of dancing. People don’t buy gifts here. They give money to the bride. But they stick it to her. How do they make it stick? Well after dancing  a lot (and it being hot anyway) you start to perspire…

5) The dances are hard. They look slow and easy some of them. Everyone says they’re easy. But I tried to learn from one of the girls at English camp and I ended up walking the whole song because I couldn’t get the steps down. Don’t let them fool you. It’s not easy to learn if you can’t dance to begin with…

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