The Possibilities of Water

There is hope here in the Kenet for major change. Wait, make that MAJOR change! It all has to do with metal boxes starting to pop up around the Kenet. Let me give you the back story…

Right now, to have access to water, there are a bunch of little hose like tubes. Usually, there is one tube for each house running along the edges of the roads.

Here is just one example of the many many tubes found throughout the Kenet…

They are like a maze. I’m not sure where they start. I do know that end at houses in the Kenet. This is the water system out here. Water is scarce in the summer because technically, the Kenet is filled with squatters. This area (made up of around 50,000 people) isn’t officially recognized as part of Durres.

Therefore, during summer (the tourist season), the city sends water out only when the prime hours are over. In other words, they having running water in the city because that’s where the tourists (money) is. Then later, water will come out to where we are. There is usually someone on guard at each house who will be in charge of getting water so that when the water comes, they are there to pump it into the water tanks. If no one is there to pump it up, then you don’t get water. If they let the water run out this way that is…

But now, ohhhh but now we have these magic boxes!

The magic box on our street!

They are from the city so we will start getting city water….soon and get it like everyone else in the city! These boxes measure how much water people use. Once people register their and run a tube from that to their house then they [should] have water 10+ hous of the day. Exciting right?!

If this works, then during the hottest and driest months of the year people can
water the garden (ok I don’t do this but many Albanians do).
do the dishes.
wash clothes.
take a shower.


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