Beach Break

Last Friday, our teen group went to the beach instead of having our usual Friday night meeting to kick off the summer. So we met at the center, loaded up in a furgon (oversized van) we rented and took off for the beach. This was my first time to the beach here. Everyone always talks about how dirty the beaches are but I thought it was pretty clean. But apparently it was cleaner than usual because many people were commenting on how clean it was. So that was a nice bonus! Everyone had a great time though!

The boys had fun playing soccer, throwing a frisbee and an American football around, having chicken fights and just goofing off in the water. The girls swam a for while, caught a few rays, cooled off in the water and soaked up the sun a little more.

Then in the evening, Dawn grilled some hot dogs for us all to eat and then we had some watermelon before loading up and heading back home. It was a great relaxing afternoon and evening.

Below are a few photos from the beach.

Nicole & I showing off our photogenic-ness

The boys playing in the water

and throwing a frisbee around.

The boys came quick at the mention of food!

Everyone enjoying the watermelon

The girls are few in number so we have to stick together!

We aren’t sure why more girls don’t come though!


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