Birthday Treats & Surprises

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. So for my birthday, I finished & launched my new website. You should check it out:

Let me give you a quick recap of my birthday:

Yesterday morning, Nicole did a little decorating and made me blueberry muffins (my fav!) for breakfast, along with a strawberry smoothie. Mmmm!!

She also had a present from my mom and dad…Season 1 of Laverne and Shirley!! (I now have the first 3 seasons!!)

Then I headed off to Burime where Lucie had the kids make party hats and cards for me. Then she brought out a cake she made with candles on it. There was one big one in the middle and once it was lit, it was discovered that it was not a candle but a firework!! No one was hurt but it was quite smokey afterwards. Only in Albania could you mislabel a firecracker as a candle!

(sorry I didn’t get a picture of the firecracker)

Then I headed to the office before heading back to Burime where I’m working on a music video with some of the girls. Then I went back to the house to watch some Laverne & Shirley with Nicole!

Later the team took me out to dinner for my birthday where they also had a big cake for me. Apparently, the person with the birthday gets to cut and serve the cake. But when the cake has a little frozen ice cream as a layer and you can name the number of cakes you’ve cut in front of a large group of people staring on 1 hand (possibly 1 finger…), it makes for a little entertainment. Everyone got me snacks and candy (they know me well)!

Then I came home and my landlady came up to give me a little gift. Then I got to talk to my parents.

Needless to say, the thing I will probably remember the most is having fireworks on my cake. I would say that was a once in a lifetime thing, but I still have at least one more birthday to celebrate here…


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