My Story // Chapter 3

Chapter 3 // Honduras & LoveThe first time I went to Honduras was in 2008. For 6 weeks, I stayed at a children’s home. It was here that God showed me a lot about love through the kids who taught me that even if you’ve never been loved, you can still love. Though most come from a background without any love, they have the biggest hearts of anyone I know and the most love to give.

They also taught me that love knows no language barrier. The first time, I couldn’t communicate well, but they were able to show me love and I was able to show them love without using words. It was all through actions. That’s why we must always be careful of our actions (they show our love).

It was also at the children’s home that it was made clear to me that you can’t out give God. I went with the expectation that I would be so much help and encouragement to these kids but they ended up impacting my life so much more.

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