Easter With Burime

This Easter season was super busy for me so let me catch you up on what all I’ve been up to (going backwards).

I made a video with the kids in Albanian
(but you can also watch the English version).
Below is a shot of all the kids right after we finished the video!

Burime (the youth center where I’ve been teaching art classes & made the video) turned a year old so we had a birthday party!
There is a British couple that runs the center and are amazing with the kids.

Over 50 kids showed up to celebrate. There weren’t enough chairs! We had the film premiere and of course played some games after eating birthday cake!

Then the balloons were handed out as the kids left to go home.

The smaller kids got a ballon on a stick!

Before Easter, Burime had an outreach program at one of the soccer fields.
Lucie (and Egli & Egla) shared the message.

The kids listened well and seemed to have a great time.

Of course there were games too!
Relay games, so everyone was divided up onto teams.

Kids had to carry an “egg” on a plastic racket
down the field and back to their team as fast as they could.

Then they also played a variation of bocce ball with soccer balls.

To finish off the games, they had an obstacle type course
which  combined several of the skills from previous activities.

It was a great opportunity for the kids to have fun and hear the Easter story. And to top it off, the kids each got a hollow chocolate egg that has a prize in the middle. It wasn’t much but I’m pretty sure most of the kids had never had one before. They all had a great time. I’m so thankful for all the work that Neil & Lucie (the directors) put into the center and the kids.

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  1. Roger & Elaine

    Thanks for the update, Katie. Looks like the kids (and the adults) had a good time!

    You are in our prayers…

    See you soon

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