Update 22.5

So in the last update video, I forgot the MOST exciting thing that has happened


HOW could I forget to mention this when I had such an amazing time?!? Well I’m not sure because I was so lucky to have her come and visit. So here’s a few highlights of our time together (end of February beginning of March).

See? Mom did make it! (above)
and she bought Nicole & I some goodies (below)

A Dish Drainer (above)
A Dustpan (below)
Nicole & I must be growing up…

We took her to work (behind us)
And taught her how you should sit so your feet don’t get cold! (below)

My landlord’s family cooked a traditional Albanian dinner for mom (above)
and she got to spend some quality time with them (below)

She even got to know the grandmother of the family! (below)

So yes, I enjoyed mom’s visit even though it was too short!
I got to catch up on some mother/daughter time!

I love you mom!!


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One response to “Update 22.5

  1. Wilma House Hawkins

    It sure was a special time…I loved being with you. I love you, Katie!!

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